Michelin XM28

Excellent flotation and traction capability .
Exceptional mobility in adverse soil conditions.

Increased productivity

  • XM28 helps you to save time and fuel, by reducing wheel slip.
  • Excellent flotation and traction capacity of the tractor wheel: with a wide tread, flat crown and deep lugs (RW1) the MICHELIN XM28 tyre offers excellent flotation, as well as exceptional mobility in difficult conditions.

Increased care for the soil

    • The tread design of the MICHELIN XM28 agricultural tyre allows the load to be evenly distributed across the ground.
    • This enables you to reduce tyre penetration into the soil and therefore also soil compaction. Slip rates are also reduced due to a low operating pressure.(*) Ground compaction is reduced, restoring the productivity of your farm.

in line with our recommendations

Increased comfort

Supple sidewalls, low operating pressures, the Michelin XM28 is the reference ag tyre for driver comfort on tractors ranging from 160 to 210 hp.

Increased versatility

With a section width ranging from 620mm to 710mm and an excellent load carrying capacity (*), the MICHELIN XM28 tyre enables you to carry out cultivation work, top work and drilling operations on your farm.

in line with our recommandations

Dimensions by rim size
680/75 R32 164A8/161B TL
620/70 R46 162A8/162B TL