Michelin XM108

Excellent wear resistance on the road.
Excellent lateral stability.

Greater load capacity

A larger air chamber and bigger footprint allows the MICHELIN XM108™ to carry significantly heavier loads with the same or lower air pressures than standard profile radials. This tractor tyre has an increased load capacity at the same pressure, compared with a tyre made using traditional technology

Extraordinary efficiency

The broad flat tread and oversize footprint deliver exceptional traction, which helps reduce tractor wheel slip and improve your orchard or vineyard’s production efficiency.

Exceptional comfort

An ultra-flexible casing, computer designed lug pattern and low pressures offer the superb comfort and handling that you expect from a MICHELIN agricultural tyre.

Up to 30% lower ground pressure

  • Compared to standard profile radials, a wider tread and longer sidewall flexing zone give the MICHELIN XM108™ farm tyre a much larger footprint.
  • This results in up to a 30% lower ground pressure and reduced soil compaction.
  • The tyre’s flat tread and rounded shoulders further enhance soil protection in your orchards and vineyards.
Dimensions by rim size
320/65 R18 109A8/106B TL
340/65 R18 113A8/110B TL
420/65 R20 125A8/125B TL
420/65 R24 126A8/126B TL