Michelin OMNIBIB

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Great versatility

Excellent resistance to damage

Savings in time and fuel

The MICHELIN OmniBib 70 series has been designed to carry out a variety of daily agricultural tasks, from fieldwork to road transport. Thanks to its combined advantages, the Michelin OmniBib tractor tyre increases the productivity of your farm.

Savings in time and fuel

Faster on the road and in the field, high load carrying capacity, and enhanced fuel efficiency. For medium to high HP tractors.
  • Excellent self-cleaning capacity of the farm tyre
  • Better grip and improved wheel traction

Longer service life

The MICHELIN OmniBib retains its wear profile throughout the tyre’s life, thanks to robust lugs and the use of a special rubber compound ensuring even wear and significantly extending the tyre’s lifespan.

  • Deep tread lugs

Greater comfort

The MICHELIN Omnibib provides more comfort on the road and in the field.

  • Pressure generally 0.2 bar lower than the other 70 series tyres on the market
  • Flexible casing to ensure a smooth rolling surface
  • Performance guaranteed up to 65 k.p.h. – D rating, where authorised by the country legislation

High load capacity

High load capacity for working with front loaders. The MICHELIN® OmniBib carries significantly heavier loads than a standard tractor tyre with the same air pressure.

    • Up to 14%* more load than a standard tyre

According to tyre sizes, 28 psi compared with the equivalent size in the MICHELIN AGRIBIB range

  • Robust tread lugs
Dimensions by rim size
280/70 R 16 112D TL
280/70 R20 116D TL
320/70 R24 116D TL
360/70 R24 122D TL
380/70 R24 125D TL
420/70 R24 130D TL
480/70 R24 138D TL
380/70 R28 127D TL
420/70 R28 133D TL
480/70 R28 140D TL
480/70 R30 141D TL
480/70 R34 143D TL
520/70 R34 148D TL
480/70 R38 145D TL
520/70 R38 150D TL
580/70 R38 155D TL
620/70 R42 160D TL