Michelin XM47

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Very good wear resistance .

Excellent road handling up to 56 mph on roads.

Greater speed

High speed (up to 90 mph)* G rated tyre

High-speed tyre for tractors and telescopic handlers operating at up to 90 mph on the road. The Michelin XM 47 is perfectly adapted to utility service vehicles needing both on and off road mobility.

  • Radial construction = resistance to heat build-up
Designed for telescopic handlers, this tyre offers excellent road handling up to 55 mph, together with high performance for off-road use.

*vehicles should be operated in line with legal speed limits

Good resistance to wear

A tyre with good resistance to wear

  • Wide, sturdy lug rounded shoulders = good road life

A high level of comfort on the road

A high level of comfort on the road and good grip in off-road applications. On the road, the MICHELIN XM47 tyre enhances both safety and comfort.

  • Radial construction, wide footprint, low pressure = comfort and mobility of telescopic handlers and utility vehicles on soft or difficult ground
Dimensions by rim size
405/70 R20 136G TL
425/75 R20 148G TL
445/70 R24 151G TL
495/70 R24 155G TL