Michelin XZSL

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Excellent resistance to cuts.
Exceptional mobility.

Excellent resistance to damage

Assured machine availability through less downtime, fewer punctures or tyre perforations. thanks to its chunky tread, steel reinforced crown, robust shoulders and protected sidewalls, the MICHELIN XZSL is more impact resistant.

Outstanding performance while delivering cost savings for skid-steer and backhoe operations.

Exceptional machine output

A skid-steer tyre with a very long service life due to better protection against impacts and abrasions, thanks to a deep tread pattern, large shoulder blocks, a continuous central tread band and optimised rubber compounds.

Increased productivity

  • The certainty that your skid-steer, mini loader or backhoe loader will go almost anywhere
  • Exceptional mobility thanks to a deep, non-directional tread and offset blocks on the shoulders and sidewalls of the MICHELIN XZSL
Dimensions by rim size
335/80 R20 153A2/141B TL
375/75 R20 155A2/143B TL
425/75 R20 167A2/155B TL